Excel to Revit Key Schedule (Dynamo)

Does anyone know how to link a table from an excel sheet to a Revit Key Schedule using dynamo?

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See if this link gets you moving. I have done exactly what your after,. It I don’t have access to the graph at the moment…the main thing is you need to get an element already in the schedule, then copy it and change data.

This is what I’ve used.

It’s been awhile but if I’m not mistaken, parameter names in Revit schedule needs to match Excel columns (first row).

Hope this helps.

What about this?

Link should be fixed now @SeanP

But my point is more that i see a lot of topics about exporting and importing to or from Excel.
Often i feel this add-in does a better job than Dynamo (for this task) or this add-in is suited for posters needs.

Personally i only turn to Dynamo for exporting and importing to or from Excel when this add-in really can’t do what i am after.

Just my thoughts on Excel related stuff.

@bvs1982 the link is broken for me.