Excel.ReadFrom File not finding the File Path



We would use the Windows Remote Desktop.


Hi Neal. How are you? I have received an answer from the IT department, and we would set up a Webex meeting with you at a suitable time so that you could control my computer during the meeting. When would be the best day and time for us to do this? Kind regards, Haley.


I had the same problem. It seems to me that the problem is having spaces in the file name. The path the File.FromPath node passes through to the Excel node isn’t the correct path.


This reminds me

I did notice a bug in one of the file path nodes a while ago- I was in a real hurry at the time & forgot to log it as a bug. I will have a look & see if I can still reproduce it next week.

The problem was basically the the node interpreted a part of the path (from memory \t or \n or \r) as an escape (i.e line break, tab etc)

My fix at the time was to rename the folder/path so that it did not have the particular sequence.



You might want to take a look here: https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/issues/7429. It also shows a workaround to fix this issue.


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Thank you very much for that.
I will look into it.
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Thank you for the explanation.
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BTW, this issue of File Paths with spaces sometimes converting paths to escaped URI path is fixed in the upcoming 1.3 release


Thank you Zach