Excel not writing information to Key Schedule


I am trying to fill out a Key schedule using Excel. I cannot seem to get the information from Excel to Populate in my key schedule. I have read this post Excel to Revit Key Schedule Help. The person asking this question was told to make a new thread but i don’t think he ever did. My lists look like they generate fine in dynamo and Revit even produces the table in the key schedule if my lacing is set to shortest. The problem is that it will not fill in the text, it will sometimes fill in a box or two but not the whole table. If i add data into the key schedule node from a note block instead of the Read Excel node everything works fine. The problem seems to be where i add the data to the Key Schedule node. I am thinking i need to change the data coming from Revit somehow Both the custom nodes are from Archi-Lab, and i am running on Revit 2017.2 and dynamo Version1.3 The File.FromPath node does not seam to make a difference if it is there or not.Interior Schedule.xlsx (9.5 KB)
interior schedule test.dyn (10.0 KB)


Make sure all of your incoming data make sense. All your data should be strings. “Description” is misspelled.


Thanks Truevis, I thought I had checked all the spelling. It still is not bringing the text into Revit. I don’t have any numbers in my Excel file because of the previous posts I have read. I also formatted the fields in Excel to be text just in case something weird was going on in there. This is all it brings into Revit. It creates the fields and brings in the First Word.


You need “Key Name” unique parameters in there.

Key Schedule test 0.dyn (3.3 KB)


NB: I usually get an extra row in my Key Schedules when using that node. I was never able to figure out that buglet in its Python.


I have done it with and without the “Key Name” trying to see if that was the issue or not and forgot to add it back before i posted on here. If i set it up like you have above with the data coming from a code block it works perfect. The problem i am having is when I change the data input from the “Code Block” node to the “Read Excel” node.


This is all it does when i add in the key name parameter. The A is from my Excel file the numbers are not, Revit created those when it made the key schedule field. Thanks for taking the time to help.


Just showing the schedule does not give us enough information to help you.


Hi Truevis,

The graph screen shot, .dyn, and Excel file are linked in the original. What other information would you need? The Schedule is just showing what the graph creates in Revit.


Have you seen this post?


Please post your latest version



Here is the new .dyn’s. The second one is using the ootb node. They both produce the same schedule

interior schedule test2.dyn (18.4 KB)
interior schedule test.dyn (10.8 KB)
Interior Schedule.xlsx (10.3 KB)


Hi Nick,

I have not seen that post. I am still trying to work through it all but I do have a few questions.

  1. You mentioned that if you want to have the schedule already created bypass the “schedule create” parts. I Have done this by using the Views node and selecting the Schedule. It is not updating the fields in Revit. Is there a different way to input the ViewSchedule?

  2. How do you create more than one field in the schedule? I am going to start digging through for forums to see if I can figure it out that way, but figured i would ask.

  1. Yes there seems to be something else going on.

  2. If you’re asking about adding fields to a schedule you can start here: ScheduleView.AddFields - Using Lists to populate AddFields query It should work the same for key schedules.


It looks like the Key Schedule node only handles builtin parameters. You could try reworking the code to take any parameter or you could use the builtin parameters and change the column label.



That seems to be the issue. I switched to all built in parameters and it seems to be working fine now. Some custom parameters seemed to work, but it couldn’t handle the amount of them I wanted to use. Most of my key schedules are custom parameters so this seems unusual to me. But I am sure there is a reason.

I don’t know much about coding so I will probably stick with just changing the column label until I learn more.

Thanks for all the help.