Key schedule

im a new user of dynamo, and hope that someone could help me import excel schedule to revit.

ive been making this dynamo, and it dosent work with “python script” - is there a way to get “key schedule” into dynamo, its not in the search bar in my dynamo version


i have file path data from excel. and the view from my schedule.
But i cant figrued out what im missing to read my excel into the revit schedule ??

thanks on beforehand

Post a copy of your Python script, preferably in preformatted text so users don’t have to retype it all. You are also missing an input on your Python node.

Thanks Nick, im a bit lost how this work. can you elaborate it ?

It’s hard to tell what’s going on because we can’t see the actual Python script. Post an image of the code, or better yet, paste the code into your reply as preformatted text, the </> icon will format it for you.

Change the ( to a { and the ) to a } in the red code block.

() are used to define the elements (inputs) that function (node) is performed on, and {} define lists.

That code block should then be wired into the other input of the Python node. Run the script again after those changes and post the result (and Python code) back here for review.

Thanks jacob.
it worked with the other sign from the codeblock…

but there is stil no data coming up when i connect to my "python script.

Dynamo script

ive seen earlier people where using “key schedule” but thats not an option anymore.
is it possible to get key schedule in the dynamo version? or how those i get those to connect ?

Check Revit to ensure it didn’t make the schedule. Also we need you to edit that Python code and post the contents to the forum.

Sorry Jacob, im a new user of dynamo so i dodnt know how to edit and post the Python code, not sure how and where to do it.

is there an easy way to show this?

Check the Python portion of the dynamo primer. :slight_smile:

To paste use the </> button so it is formatted correctly. Schedule node. Strings, only.