Excel import updates itself?

Hi there all

I can’t figure out, what Im doing wrong here!

I have used this graph, to update Excelinformation to my model several times, without problems, but now for some reason, it goes wrong…

So here is the case:

  • I have exported the information to Excel, that I need.

  • Updated the information i Excel

  • Frozen the export node, because now I need to import it again.

  • Imported the updated information back into Revit again.

  • All information also updates in the model, to the new information.

  • This updates my colorscheme too.

  • BUT then all information jumps back into its original state again…?

  • These rooms should now be blue, because of the new information (this does happen for a few secounds, but the “jumps” back, like a autorefresh).

Hi there
Do you have updated your Revit or your Dynamo version?


Can you run the graph in Dynamo Player?
Just to be sure its not an element binding problem?