Excel crashing when Reading info from Dynamo

I’ve created a graph to read information from an excel file - the script works fine, tested on my pc - but on my laptop it doesn’t

So when I run the dynamo script excel starts opening then I get an error that “Excel has stopped working”.

I’m working on:
Dynamo 1.3.2 (latest)
Office 365 32-bit

I’ve reinstalled office already and done a repair but to no avail.


Hope anybody can help me.

Specifying the version of Excel might help

Hi Machiel

Please also specify which nodes you are using for reading the excel file in Dynamo (And do they come from third party packages?). And maybe compare the versions of Excel on your desktop and laptop?

Excel Version 1802 (Build 9029.2253).
So I know the I have the standalone office 2016 on my home pc and my works laptop has the Office 2016 (365) loaded. Will have to see at home tonight what the version differences would be.

On the dynamo part - I’m running the standard nodes.

Excel is otherwise working fine, not crashing when opening up excel on it’s own.

Looks like a reinstall on Revit resolved the issue.