Excel.ReadFromFile Issue

Hi Guys, anyone knows this issue?


I don’t speak spainish, but it looks like an excel version issue. Do you have excel installed on that system, and which version?

Hi Jacob,

I have the Excel 2013, and the node was working, however after I have installed different softwares and plugins in this computer, suddenly this node stopped working…

I haven´t made any changes in the Excel’s version.

Thank you

Could you zoom out a bit on your graph and show us what nodes you have feeding the Excel.ReadFromFile node?


I haven´t found anything about this issue…

If it worked until you installed the plugins and software, then the plug-ins and software is likely what broke it.

Were they excel plugins or revit plugins?
What other software did you install?

Try uninstalling all Dynamo versions on the system, then re-install, then test the node again. If that doesn’t work you’ll have to try uninstalling the plugins.

Hi Jacob, Thank you!

Finally I have replaced this node by one node of Archi-lab package, but I will try reinstaling dynamo…

I will tell you if finally the issue is resolved.