Excel Beam Sizes to Revit Beam Sizes


I am trying to change existing beam sizes in my Revit model based on an Excel spreadsheet that has new beam sizes. I am getting an error message that will not allow me to change the sizes. I have attached my Revit model, dynamo file, and the Excel spreadsheet with the new sizes. Can someone please explain to me how to change the existing beam sizes in my model to the new sizes within my spreadsheet. It would be helpful if you could provide screenshots to assist me with this.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lKHB70L5wBFSx9KAIEfTYoFw0P3UzY65 1

Let me know if you’re having trouble downloading the files.

Thank you!

Sorry can’t view your files from my phone. Are these rectangular beams or I sections?

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There are 2 excel files and 1 Revit 2017 model. It probably would be best to view them on a computer. The steel shapes are I sections.

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