Evaluate tangent transform


I have problems using the Evaluate tangent transform.. node.

Ever then I add the parameter for the position along the curve to the node-> Dynamo chrash.

Did anyone use this node and it works?

Thx a lot.



Thanks guys,

I filed this bug for the issue.


Looks like this node only takes geometry curves at the moment, so you need a "Geometry Curve from Model Curve" in the workflow.

Looks like a bug, feels like a bug - you should submit it to the GitHub site. I am getting the same bug with other kinds of curves as well.

There's an example of a sweep done in Dynamo here.

Regarding the workflow - I think it depends entirely on what you're trying to do and what is already available in your project. My personal rule of thumb is I only use Dynamo for tasks that I can't perform with the UI (which is mostly driving data into the model) or for tasks that I consider too painful with the UI (e.g. hosting a large number of points by intersection).

Hi Andreas,

I hope I use the current version!

If I connect a simple line to the curve or edge input-> everything works.

If I use a Curve by Points -Curve (a spline) Dynamo crashs.

The final target is to sweep a circle along a 3d-spline-> should not be that hard, but I didn't find a solution.

The 3d tube should be the compression ring of a stadium structure.

What is the optimal worklflow if you want to generate solid-elements with Dynamo/Vasary?-> Develop the references (Points and lines, curves) in Dynamo and do the solid-modelling in Vasari on top of the Dynamo-References. I couldn't find good example-videos for solid-modelling at youtube or the Vasari page.

THX a lot



Hi André,

nice to see you on this forum.

The node works fine for me.

Which version of Dynamo are you using?

Can you post some more info?