Solid by Loft problem

Has anybody also noticed the Solid By Loft node skipping cross sections? Even with the guideCurves option.

Change GeometeyScaling. Similar issue was discussed here:

Hi @Kulkul, I tried that but it didn’t resolve this problem. Also, it will give me other problems because of the large coordinates I’m working on here.

@John.DeLeeuw Could you please drop here dyn file?

Here is a video showing changing Geometry Scaling doesn’t solve:

Well, I tried using the Curve.SweepAsSolid node and that resulted in e perfect follow of the Path Curve, but it just stops at a certain distance along the path. Some not-logical things are happening here…

Right, so I found the solution for this non-logical behavior :smiley:

I just needed to re-create the path using points based on the original Coordinate Systems and then creating a new Path from this. Somehow the conversion of the original Feature Line to a PolyCurve was bad input for the sweep. Now its looking very good!

Glad you solved it. Please mark the post as solved.


Hello Mr @John.DeLeeuw, I am asking for your help. I am still a beginner in dynamo. when I run a solid by sweep of more than 10 points (less than 10 points dynamo works in a normal way) the software crashes. I’d like to have your opinion. Thank you