Evaluate Divided Surface Grid and UVs



Working on dividing surfaces to be able to control UV’s through intersects, then taking UV and XYZ data to create new geometry and host/instance AC families.

The intersects are are controlled with AddIntersectToDividedSurface.dyf. Attempting to pull XYZ and UV data from intersected divided surface using EvaluateDividedSurfaceGridAndUVs.dyf. Both courtesy of Andydandy.

The image below shows the python node removed from the custom node and dropped into my workspace - neither the custom node or this approach returned any data). The divided surface is highlighted on the right.

The evaluate script is returning an error saying that the divided surface it is looking at has no data containing UV/XYZ information.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Hi Brian, any chance you’re doing this in Revit 2013? I developed this node in Revit 2014 and never tested it in Revit 2013 until just now - and it doesn’t seem to work… :wink:

FYI: I uploaded a new version of Evaluate Divided Surface Grid And UVs that will now return an error message in versions prior to 2014. Thanks for making me aware of this issue.

Hello Andreas - Yes, using in Revit 2013, and will likely need to keep in 2013 for a while. Is there any possibilty for compatibility?

Is there another workflow perhaps to pull geometric data, specifically XYZs from the joined solid form hosting the divided surface?

I tested the definition on the model in 2014 - EvaluateDividedSurfaceGridAndUVs.dyf did not return any errors. The lists for UV, XYZ, Normals returned empty however. Perhaps this method of extracting form curvature data at multiple and specific XYZ location is not the best…

Brian, you’re right. This isn’t the only way of subdividing a surface - and definitely not the best. I originally made this node for a very specific purpose: I wanted to be able to work with intersects in Dynamo. Here are some examples of a much simpler workflow:

  • https://github.com/CAAD-RWTH/DynamoSamples/tree/master/package_samples/Simple%20Patterning
One of the big advantages of this method is that you don't need a divided surface and can therefore use it directly in the project environment. This sample shows the use of one of my packages, but be aware that Zach Kron, Colin McCrone and Nathan Miller have similar packages on the package manager.

Also have a look at these two threads for something a little more complex:

  • http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/panels-by-formula/
  • http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/subdivisions-revisited-thoughts-much-appreciated/
Still, I would like to know why the node isn't working in your case. Perhaps you could send me (dieckmann AT caad.arch.rwth-aachen.de) your file with an indication of which surface you were working on. I won't make any promises regarding 2013 compatibility, though... ;-)

FYI: There’s now a new version of Evalutae Divided Surface Grid Nodes in the package manager that now also works in Revit 2013.