Error with XML file: Data at the root lvl is invalid. Line 1, position 1

I keep having this Error when connecting to a xml file… I started yesterday using Dynamo, so I don’t really know if I’m using the nodes or doing anything wrong.

I alredy used this xml file sucessfully in VB soo I don’t think the problem is in the file.

Thx in advance!

Hi Luis,


My guess is you’re feeding the wrong type of info to your datasets nodes. Try using the “File.FromPath” between filepath and datasets nodes.

Hi! Thx for the help but it didn’t work :S

I tryed to do what you sujested as seen in the picture, but another error appeared.

My bad ! it looks like it was better with the filepath node :slight_smile:

what package are these datasets nodes from?




I went again with your idea, but took it a step further and it worked! Got it to work thx to you… thx! :slight_smile: