XML reading nodes

Hi all,

Is there any dynamo package where I can find nodes for reading/deserializing XML files?
I see Lunchbox had them but they seem to be out of Dynamo game now.

Any help with python code/custom node would be appreciated.

Hi @theshysnail ,

Could you upload (and a screenshot of) a sample of you XML-file?

It’s just a Navisworks Clash report. Changed extension *.xml to *.txt for uploading here.

SampleProject.txt (146.2 KB)

I can’t quite remember why I did it this way- but had some success parsing the XML into JSON objects- then using this in Dynamo.

The source was an animation camera path from Enscape in XML format- one of the annoying features of Enscape at the time (no idea if it is still the same) is that there was no easy way to aim all the cameras at the next camera position, so that the animation was a smooth path, rather than having wonky cameras pointing off to the side. I used Dynamo to read in an Enscape XML path (with wonky cameras) and write out a smoothed XML file- worked a treat.

Depending what you want to do with the Navisworks clash XML file- this might be an option