Error Message System.Xml.XmlException:

Hello Everybody,

does anyone know why I am getting this error message? I am trying to open a graph that i didnt do myself (it was made in 2.0.2, i am using 2.0.3). Cheers!


can you upload the file ?

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are you trying to open this file via dynamoPlayer?
I think you need to start Dynamo with version 2.x first to force Player to use 2.x DynamoCore - otherwise it will default to dynamoCore 1.x

I actually tried both already, the player is even worse: it runs forever and I have to force Revit to close. This error message i posted comes from dynamo itself (not from the player). Cheers!

it works fine for me, i have noticed that you have used Data-shape nodes
what is the windows version you have ? 10 ?
it coukd be the Net Framework version

try to update it

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