DataSets.GetXMLNode no null values in list

I am using the lunchbox DataSets.GetXMLNode node to read an xml file. But this node doesnt give null values resulting in different lists size.

Is there another package or another way that does give null values when there is no value in the xml file?

you can import your XML file to Excel, I made a test, removing some random fields, and it works:

You can find some instructions to import XML file here:

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thanks, that works.

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Is there another way than making an excel file from it and than read it in dynamo?

this is the deselialized xml.
I need to update ie parameter “functie” of an element with typename "599100000314801 with the value “woonfunctie”

so first i used:

but the list don`t have the same length, becuase null values are skipped.

this is what i made till now and is working, but seems quit uggly code: