Error when making hermite spline

Dear all!

I have a project. let mta3describe my project :

First, i have elements like curves, etc… Second, i will array points on these one with an equal distance. Then, i will create a point with identified XYZ. Then i make line from this point to these one on the elements.( It looks like in the pictures). After that, i create a horizontal plane under the elements that it cut all the lines. So, i have intersection points by the plane and all the lines. Final i make a hermite spline through the intersection points.

When i select some simple elements, it works very well.










But there’s a problem when i select more complicated elements. Please help me to fix it!

Manh Hung



Can you please share your dyn file. Also attach new image by expanding preview for Flatten node, I want to see the output of Curve-Plane Intersection and Flatten Completely node.



Thank you Ritesh!

But i finally found how to solve this. Just change Hermit spline by Nurb spline node.

Is this using Dynamo 6.3 or 7 ?