Nurbs Surface By Points

Has anyone got this to work before?


I cant tell from your image, but I think this node expects a rectangular grid of points.

“A square is a type of rectangle but a rectangle is not nesaccarily a square.” - someone

Has there been any progress on this? I have a simlar sqaure paraboloid surface as the OP with the same error: “Unable to create surface from points : POINT_ARRAY_TOO_SPARSE – There are too few rows or columns in the point array.”


This node has always work as expected for me. If you hover over the node description, you’ll note that the point input is stated as “Point”. That means that the node expects a list with sub-lists of points. You’d also need to make sure that each sub-list has the same number of points:

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Very good information. The “Point [][]” is a very salient point. What exactly is the node doing with sublists of points? Do you know why it needs to be structured this way? I feel like I’m missing something about how dynamo wants me to give it data.

I believe it wants the control points in rows or columns, flattening the points beforehand into a single list will not work.


How do I list this correctly to create 4 separate surfaces? Driving me nuts :slight_smile: I think I need each 4 sublisted but struggling to create that

I dono thought somthing like this


is there a resolution to this?