Error Node

I don’t know why show the error please advice me.

@ krishnan_vinothkumar GetFamily and GetCategory maybe, no capital G at the start might solve it?

Hi Tradelie,

I don’t think this is not a problem, Below attach the image.

I would suggest you post what the error actually says, it can help to guide where the issue is.

Also showing what data goes into this node can be useful

I will say that the following text within the red should be changed to have them named differently or the first character to be lower case to avoid conflict with a method.

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@krishnan_vinothkumar Moreover, as a trick to get the right DS line of code, I suggest using a node then node to code it, and copy paste to your codeblock…Installing packages messes the original DS “naming”, this is why a more elaborate code is required and, that can be found within a converted node to code codeblock…hope it’s clear enough to solve your error :slightly_smiling_face:.

There is two nodes with “GetFamily” and “GetCategory” so definetly make their first character lower case will more than likely fix this issue. It is also why they are “blue” instead of “black”.

In the following image the nodes circled in Red will cause node conflicts with the OOTB node to the left where as the blue ones will not.

Hi Brendan,

FM DYNAMO SCRIPT-31122022.dyn (99.1 KB)
Uniclass-2015.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Attached is a Dynamo Script and excel for your reference.
Already tried to change the lower case but still show the error.

Are there any null values or empty lists in your data set?


You can’t set null to many parameter values. Clean up your data and that may resolve the issue.