Categories node Error

Hello I have a script that transfers my sat. files to revit. I have opened up in my new computer and the categories node gave an error. I remember downloading a package before. I forgot which one it was and not sure if this is

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Make a python script:

import clr
import Revit
OUT = Revit.Elements.Category.ByName(IN[0])

Actually it should work, it is builtin Parameter!




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thank you for response but havent use it before. I dont have the categories node

at least it works as work arround…

Which dynamo version do you use?
sometimes is an IT issues and installation path

do you know a package that could be in @Draxl_Andreas

or make a python-script, if it has to be fast.

thanks but still didnt get the hang of it :frowning:

Do you know what python nodes are? or cabable off?

actually in dynamo you can recreate every node by your self! you have just to copy paste my code - that was it.

Do you use Sandbox or do you use Dynamo Revit?