FamilyIstance.GetFamily error

Can anyone help me to resolve this error
of familyInstance.getfamily for the duct categories? I attach
the script.Script Duct.dyn (110.6 KB)

Script Duct.dyn (57.4 KB)

What package could I find that fix in? Element.GetParameterValueByName

This is a core node.

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Shouldn’t I see it then?Screenshot 2021-11-12 094930

Try just “GetParameterValueByName”.

yes in the best world you should…but try with getparameter

excuse my ignorance I am trying to get a .dyn I have been running in 2019 for a couple of years to work in 2021. and had an issue with the “FamilyInstance.GetFamily” node and thought this might help. Processing: Hanger Renumberer_211112.dyn…

by name seems to be missing


you can find it manually under revit-element tab

Looks like you need to swap some nodes with upgraded from your packages…cant see which package is it…


I cannot figure out how to find what package a certain node is in. I tried right click - help. But no go.

have you tried to insert ootb node "set parameter by name

Looks like you have a corrupt library or missing dll. Those are all core nodes. Make sure you have the most up to date version of Dynamo and reinstall.


Yes Nick…think you are right…my guess to

Thank you. This is the confusing part for me. I used to use Dynamo from revit manage in 2019. Now in 2021 every package I try to download says it is built for a later version. So I was reading through the site and found I should be using the sandbox. I am not sure this is the best way to do what I am trying to do?

Are you in Sandbox now? Sandbox doesn’t have any of the Revit nodes. You need to be using Dynamo for Revit (from the Manage tab) in order to use the Revit nodes. Revit 2020+ should have Dynamo 2.12 installed with it. That’s the latest release. You may have old versions of packages causing problems. Either uninstall them or remove them from your loaded packages. Each package will also have multiple versions available when installing. The more common packages should be tied to Dynamo releases so you know which to install, others may require some guessing.

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