Error message and Revit crashing

Hi everyone,

Every time I open Dynamo in my computer and see this message in the background, Revit crashes. Does anyone know why? Initially that would happen only once, then I would restart Revit + Dynamo and everything would be fine, now every time I start Dynamo, Revit crashes.Thanks!

Same here after window 10 update last month.
I give you a temporary way to use Dynamo:
Every time you open Revit, start with New project (use Structural template) -> Open Dynamo . Then open the project/family you want to work with -> Close New project (via Structural template). Now you can work with your Dynamo.

Looks like it can’t find the camera in which to render…

This may be a similar issue…

Can you create a new issue on dynamo Github so the developers can track…

FYI @solamour @Michael_Kirschner2

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Hello @bialmeida - Can you please try download DirectX from here?

Let me know if this doesn’t help!

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Hi @solamour
I followed your instruction to install End-User Direct X for Dynamo. It worked in the first day of operation but on folowwing days working, it has been crashed again with the same notification

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Hrm, that’s not so good!

Any ideas here @Qilong_Tang @Aparajit_Pratap?

@bialmeida May I also ask what version of Revit this is?

I can’t unfortunately, but I will ask IT and let you know. Thank you very much!

I am working with Revit 2020. Thanks!

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Can you check with Structural default template?
If I start Revit with this template for the first time, Dynamo works normally. But if I use another template or my company template, it crashes.

thats an interesting issue.

Cross referencing another post about a similar thing I think.

Hey everyone, it’s actually getting worse unfortunately. I restarted Revit, changed the script, saved it and now it’s corrupt. Since I just changed a very simple node, I am assuming this is related to the previous issue.


Are you using remote control to your desktop??