Error in split/trim of elements


I am trying to cut/trim elements by two reference planes. But in dynamo if I isolate the elements so it is selecting the cut elements. But in Revit if I try to delete or hide the cut elements, it is not allowing me to do that. In Revit If I select the elements, it is considering the whole members not only the cut members. Please find the attached image for reference. Kindly provide the solution for this.

I want to delete the trimmed elements.

Hello…which package is "trim by 2 planes ?


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You are cutting geometry in Dynamo but that geometry is not contained in any family just in Dynamo. You would have to edit the existing family geometry and create new piece of family for the other split side, or delete the family and replace it by 2 family instances that look split. Structural frame defined by 2 points along a line.