Error in trim of an element

Hi I am trying to cut elements by two reference planes. But it is not working. I mean the script runs well with no errors but the elements are not cut by 2 reference planes.

Please find the attachments of screenshots and let me know the reason and solution asap. At least I want to know whether I am following the correct steps or not !!

@shashank.bagane please specify what do you want to cut? Is it a linear family? I see that you’ve used the same plane for both inputs. Please also mention what you expect to be the final outcome.

If your idea is to cut a pipe, duct or a conduit etc., you can use the split by points node in Genius Loci.

@nithesh23 I want to cut a beam and a line by reference planes.

Cut error

In dynamo cut lines are shown but elements are not getting separated by cut lines.

You are manipulating g the queried geometry, but not sending anything back to Revit.

  1. Set the run mode to manual, as otherwise you will be reading and writing the same element in one graph which will create an infinite loop.

  2. Try an Element.SetLocation node where the originally selected beam is the element, and the curve is the location.

@JacobSmall I have set run mode to manual already and I am trying the run it manually but it is showing the cut lines, but the members are not getting separated from each other and I am not to able to even delete or erase the elements because if I select the member still it shows only one element.

Did you try step 2 in the prior post?

Dear @JacobSmall I have tried it but getting this error. Please find the attachment and provide me the solution.