Error in Installing Dynamo Package


Im using revit 2021. Some of the scripts I wanted, I usually research in the internet and some packages that I dont have, I have to search and download. But my problem is that some package failed to install and show this error. See attached image. How to solved this kind of issue? Please help. Thank you.

Which package causing this?

Looks like a very old package, and one that probably contains only one node. I’d steer clear of these and try to find the closest equivalent in more recent/stable packages.

Some examples of stable packages I recommend are:
Genius Loci
Bimorph nodes
Crumple (my own package, bit biased here…)
Data Shapes

I limit my node usage to these typically, and it serves me well.

Packages with a * I suspect are not as regularly supported (their owner’s are still around, but I have a feeling are typically quite busy elsewhere), but are well respected by the user community generally and have been quite reliable for me in the past anyway.

i searched create annotation tag. I think the package is archi-lab.

Thank you for the info. I will download the packages mentioned above. Hope I can find equivalent of it.

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Check out Genius Loci or Archilab, both have tag by point nodes.

thank you.