Dynamo script not working for groups

I’m having an issue with a script I made in Dynamo (the script renames parameter values in rooms, f.e. the roomname, roomnumber etc. etc.).
It works fine until the rooms aren’t in a group. If any of the rooms are in a group I get errors.
Is there some workaround so Dynamo has can acces groups?
Unfortunately we use a lot of groups in Revit…

The only workaround is to ungroup and then regroup.

@Bart.Jeurissen Seems to work in a sample project I put together

@ Vikram_Subbaiah:
It wil work if there is only one group in the project.
But when the group is multiplied it will crash, and you’ll get a message: “Changes to groups are allowed only in group edit mode”.

This has been discussed a couple of times before, like here:

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