Daily direct Sunlight/Sunglares


I am trying to cuantify, or more exactly demarcate, the problem with direct Sunlight/Sunglares. I have an office bulding that have a glare-risk in its east facade at mornings; but it is just a few hours early in the morning and just a few months on a year.

I want than to check if at a time I have direct sunlight or not and than check it every morning all over a year. But I can´t find the way. I have started with Ladybug (I haven´t used it before) and try to create a Sunpath (what I did achive) and a test points grid (actually would be enought with just one point, but i just managed to make a grid). But I don´t know how to continue and check when there is no shadows. At the end I expect to have a list with: there is direct sunlight?Yes/No

Am I in the correct path? Any tips how to proceed?


Edit: I have seen screenshots with the block “Sunlighthours Analysis” but I can´t find it