Error: exceeding Revit design Limits

I am trying to import some polycurves into Revit, but get the error:

ModelCurve.ByCurve operation failed. Input point lies outside of Revit design limits. Parameter name: origin.”

I have read this documentation on Revit Design Limit / Maximum Distance Limit. It states that geometry should not exceed 16 kilometers from origin (ie. 16.000.000 millimeters).

When I query the polycurves points and look at maximum X and Y coordinates, I am seeing that not one of them exceeds 550.000 millimeters from origin, so no more than around 550 meters.

Why is this operation still failing then?
550 meters from origin is not that large, is it?

Hmm… when I use ‘Spot Coordinate’ in Revit, i am seeing values larger then the ones I see in Dynamo … does anyone know how this can be?

still not excessively large numbers though.

If anyone can offer some advice, how to get these lines into Revit, please. Would be very helpful.

Hi Jos,

Have you tried what hapens when you change the Geometry Working Range to Large ?
It’s under the Settings tab.

Is the project set to M and not MM by chance?


Dynamo returns values based off internal units and the internal original. Your project coordinates may be shifted away from the origin.

Damn… that hits the spot @JacobSmall
So simple… why didn’t I think of it. Argh

Thanks to all :slight_smile:


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Wow i had the exact same problem

Same problem, but changing unis give no result
Is there any solution?

Best to provide the relevant files in a new thread as changing units was the solution here. :slight_smile:

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