Erasing 'broken' tests - does not really work

I’ve created several tests that turned out to be pretty time - consuming for the tool and lead to its crash on several occasions. I am now trying to simply pause and erase them… However, every time I do that, they would simply reappear upon reopening the tool, or even during the current session, leading to yet another crash.

Does anyone know how to simply pause and erase a test, like… forever, not just for a couple of minutes until they reappear again?


Could you please add some screenshots?

yeap, there you go:

Those are the four tests that keep reappearing no matter what and I can’t seem to do anything with the tool at the moment, while I can’t remove them also.

I keep pressing the erase button, after some lagging I get the pop up confirmation message and still nothing happens after klicking on ‘delete’

Here’s another one. Let’ say I erase the uppermost test:

As a result, it’s gone for the purpose of the current session:

For the two ones underneath I can’t even click on the ‘erase’ icon :frowning:

Then once I restart the tool, the previously erased test reappears once again:

I have obviously overestimated the tool, giving it too many options for the study, that it cannot handle… However, it should at least be possible to get rid of a study.

Not necessarily - it may just be that the graph needs a tweak or that you’ve got a setting that’s creating a bad outcome.

My guess is that because of the crash your studies are not being cleared from the disc, just the active session. After you delete the two studies as you have here, close Generative Design and the application which launched it (ie: Revit, Dynamo). This will ensure all the Generative Design things are shut down completely. Then restart the cpu.

On next restart of GD, don’t start a study but explore the outcomes. Give it a half minute and see if the studies start running or if they stay paused. If they stay paused, try a delete.

I also recommend updating to the latest build for Revit 2022 if possible.

If you’d like you can post the graph members of the community like me can try and identify if there is an issue on that end.

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I’ve had this happen with crashed generations as well. You may have to go to %APPDATA%\GenerativeDesign and manually delete the outcomes.

thx! I was just wondering if that is the correct location to hard - erase the outcomes from

thx for the feedback, you might be right. I can post the graph on Monday, as I do not have access to it right now (out of office at the moment).

In short, I am trying to explore different placement combinations for 15 buildings in a large plot. The script calculates the height of each one, based on the free area around it. In the end, it calculates the distances between buildings to check if they meet the regulations. So, I have divided the plot in 81 different points, which represent 81 possible location for each of the 15 buildings.

You can clearly see, that even with many additional limitations, the study results in millions of options. I suppose this is the problem. The first ‘broken’ test was a result of a cross product study. I then tried two other tests with the optimize option. Even though the total number of results for them was limited down to 10 and 30, they also brought the tool to a crash. Finally, ‘Randomise’ tests worked perfectly and managed to produce 1000 and even 5000 options within minutes.

I will then use some of the options they produced as a basis to limit the parameters for another cross product study with much more limited options. That’s why I thought the problem was the extremely large amount of options in the first cross product test