Equally divide Curve - not getting the last point


I want to equally divide the curve but I’m not getting the very last point. Is there a reason why I’m not getting a point at the end of my curves?

thanks in advance

The default value of param in Curve.PointAtParameter is 0 and as a result you’ve got a point at only one end of each curve.

You could feed in 0…1 instead and then get rid of the duplicate points using Point.PruneDuplicates

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Actually you don’t need to divide the curve. Plug in the undivided curve into the Curve.PointAtParameter node and into the param port feed in 0…1…#5

Curve Division


I have a question on Curve divided by equal distance and parameter.

When I used ‘curve.PointAtParameter’, I expected the ( distance) equally divided points on the curve.

But, when I used other approach to divide the curve using ‘equal distance’, the points on the curve do not match points by ‘Curve.PointAtParameter’.

Can you explain the difference between them?




I would have expected the points associated with Curve.Point AtParameter and Curve.Divide Equally to be the same. Seems like a problem.

As for the other issue, I suppose that one of them measures the distance between points along the curve, while the other probably measures the linear distance. 20151220-1 20151220-2