Equally divide Curve - not getting the last point



I want to equally divide the curve but I’m not getting the very last point. Is there a reason why I’m not getting a point at the end of my curves?

thanks in advance


The default value of param in Curve.PointAtParameter is 0 and as a result you’ve got a point at only one end of each curve.

You could feed in 0…1 instead and then get rid of the duplicate points using Point.PruneDuplicates


Actually you don’t need to divide the curve. Plug in the undivided curve into the Curve.PointAtParameter node and into the param port feed in 0…1…#5


Curve Division


I have a question on Curve divided by equal distance and parameter.

When I used ‘curve.PointAtParameter’, I expected the ( distance) equally divided points on the curve.

But, when I used other approach to divide the curve using ‘equal distance’, the points on the curve do not match points by ‘Curve.PointAtParameter’.

Can you explain the difference between them?





I would have expected the points associated with Curve.Point AtParameter and Curve.Divide Equally to be the same. Seems like a problem.

As for the other issue, I suppose that one of them measures the distance between points along the curve, while the other probably measures the linear distance. 20151220-1 20151220-2