Curve Divide By Distance


I ran into this node, Curve.DivideByDistance, and tried to figure out the node, but it is still unclear.

Curve Divide By Distance

I tried to divide the curve with one ‘specific’ distance using this node, ‘Curve.DivideByDistance’.

(First Question)

This node shows the division, not the distance. And, I cannot use the distance.

(Second Question)

I have the divided curve with equal distance and points on the curve.

The curve and points divided by ‘Curve.DivideByDistance’ do not match the equally divided curves and points.

Even I have to feed different number for division. ( 3 for 4 divided curves).

(Third Question)

One more, the node (Curve.PointAtParameter) do not match points on the curves by both approaches.


I am confused on the nodes - Curve.DivideByDistance and Curve.PointAtParameter.



As I’ve responded at another thread the inconsistency between Curve.Point AtParameter and Curve.Divide Equally seems to be a problem.

But the other issue is explained in the node descriptions.




Thank you. I got the difference between them.

I should have read node description.

For complex lines, I will use ‘Curve.DivideEqually’ for equal length division.

For standard geometry lines ( controlled by one angle), I can use ‘Curve.DividebyDistance’ or ‘Curve.PointAtParameter’.

I think we need to rename the node ( Curve.DivideByDistance) to (Curve.DivideByDivision).