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I have the following problem that I would be most grateful for help with;

I have a number of curves (tangent arcs) that I have joined into a single polycurve and I would like to divide this polycurve equally. Please see image attached for reference.

I have found that the ‘Curve.DivideEqually’ command still recognises the individual curves that make up the polycurve and does not divide the polycurve as a whole - can anyone offer a way of making this work? It seems like a very common need to simply take a collection of curves, make them a polycurve, and divide it up equally - it has all kinds of applications?!


Any help much appreciated. Many Thanks. Ash


Dividing joined polycurve problem


Hello David Appel,

In between Element.Curves and PolyCurve you need to add Flatten node.

If you expand the preview for Element.Curves, you will notice its a 2 dimensional list and hence passing that list to Polycurve.

If you expand preview for Polycurve, you will notice there are multiple Polycurve.

see below graph.

Hope this will solve your problem.





I have similar problem, if you have polycurve which was made by tangent arcs, and if you try to create points at parameter array, it will divide unequallly, according to arcs length, because divide working in that way to first divide on curves (3 arcs - every of them has 1/3 of total parameter value) and then dividing that arcs on parameters. For example, if you have polycurve from total three arcs, if two of them are 1 unit length and third has 1000 units lengthm pointatparameter(0.33) will not place on 1/3 total length (1002/3) but on first arc end point


Hi Rade,

Check out my reply in the following discussion:



Hello All,

I have logged issue for internal tracking.

This is for creating PointAtParameter on Polycurve created by joined curves.






This works beautifully, thanks for the help, much appreciated.



Ash / David


Hello All,

I am happy to inform you all that we have fixed issue related to creating PointAtParameter on PolyCurve.

It is available now in daily build.

Please give it a try and let me know.