Split Curve Equal Length

Hello all,

When I use Curve.PointsAtEqualSegmentLength > Curve.ParameterAtPoint and then split the Curve the resulting curves do not have equal. Why is this?

Also When I Do some math on the parameters of the equal segments it is not evenly done. See image below.

Did you try it with the Curve.SplitByParameter node instead?

Since you’re looking to split into equal segments, replace Curve.ParameterAtChordLength with Curve.ParameterAtSegmentLength



Vikram and Yan_Db,

Thank you both for your input. I had to rework the graph but found a better work flow anyway. Curve.ParameterAtSegmentLength was what I needed. It worked great.

I guess Parameters are not the best way to go when you need to move them a length along the line. See below for new graph that works great.

Thanks again,