Divide closed curve in points starting from specific point


i am trying to divide a series of curves (ellipses) in x amount of division points. The ellipses are offset with their center on one line and scaled only in one direction.

I have used curve.PointAtParameter and Curve.PointsAtEqualSegmentLength and both ways it looks like the division of the ellipses starts on a random point and as a result the points dont form a straight


How can i specify that the division of the ellipes starts on the same point, let s say on the ax of the ellipse?

Ellipses are closed curves and that means that parametrically, 0.35 is the same as 1.35 and 0 is the same as 1. As long as you intersect them along a plane and use the parameter at that point as your start, the resulting divisions will lie on a single plane:


thanks a lot! i can now go further with my script to the next challenge!