Entire (all nodes) graph has disappeared, blank white screen


I’m using Dynamo Core, it looks like all my nodes have disappeared. When I try to Zoom To Fit nothing shows. But the nodes must still exist because if I Run, I get an error message (by contrast: if I open a new project [that I know has no nodes] when I hit run, there is no error message). I’ve seen some other threads where addins go missing - this is not just addins, it’s the entire thing.

Part of the graph reads a csv file. When I hit run, it opens the csv up in excel - so the graph must be there. Somewhere…

Likely a conflict with a Revit add-in. Confirm all add-ins are up to date, and/or disable all Revit add-ins, and re-enable until you find the offending one.

No change, I am going to try restarting and see if anything changes.

After restarting, it was still “blank” - I frustratingly panned aggressively, randomly, for a about 5 minutes… I found the graph. And then I panned in the opposite direction, randomly box selecting and deleting - apparently there was a node way off somewhere, the graph now shows up when I Zoom To Fit.

I re-enabled the add-ons. The graph still shows and works just fine. The issue must have been that random node out in space… Thanks for the help - without chasing the add-ons hypothesis I may not have gotten frustrated enough to pan endlessly and find the dumb issue.

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