Enabling worksharing - And renaming default workset - Using passtrough

I’m trying to make a startup script for our Revit projects.
I want the script to enable worksharing and afterwards rename the default workset to our standards.
I’m trying to use the clockwork “Passtrough” to delay the operation off retrieving the default workset until the worksharing is enabled.
But i keep getting a warning when i’m trying to rename it.
The passtrough shows the value i’m looking for, so i can’t really seem to see what the problem is?.
It’s my frist time using the Passtrough node as i’m still learning dynamo.

I have used Synthetic nodes for the worksharing and the get and rename workset.

Try separating workset creation from renaming into two different scripts. Dynamo usually tries to wrap every run into one transaction. Separation of scripts is the easiest way to mitigate concurent transactions problem.

Hi Tomasz.
Yeah i know that was the best solution, but i was trying to make it a bit more userfriendly (less errors) by only having one. So it thought that was what the passthrough node could be used for, to delay a set of actions in a script, before another part run, but as i haven’t used passtrough node before i’m not sure that i’m using it corretly and that is why i get the erros.