Using Dynamo to Make Worksets Non-Editable

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I have been using Dynamo to make repetitive tasks automatic within my workshared projects, and this is something I have been working on recently.
The idea is to start a project, and create a specific set of worksets, and then turn the “Editable” parameter within workset manager to “No”, but in order to do this you have to Synchronize to Central after creating new worksets. I am not so good with the Python side of dynamo, and was wondering if anyone had the time to suggest a script/way to Synchronize to Central automatically after creating new worksets.

Here is what I have so far:

Any help would be great.

@c.mcintoshWVN57, have a look at Clockwork package (GitHub ). It has the node that synchronizes with central file.

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Thanks for the reply, and that node does work, however it only works if I insert it after the worksets have been created (eg I have to run the workset script and then run it again with the synchronize node inserted)

Any ideas??

So I managed to get the node “Function.Compose” to work for me, where the Clockwork “Passthrough” did not.
Thanks for the help zhukoven.


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Hi everybody,

I am facing a similar issue with worksets: Is it possible to open or close worksets automatically using Dynamo?

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