Empty List Result from Element.faces node

Hi everyone,

I am new in dynamo and revit. I have some problem in using the element.faces node. The result is always empty.


Make sure the object type is a floor as shown above. Can you please show some more of the script?

Thank you for the reply.

Those are adaptive components. Floor is the name of the family.

Seems to work for me actually. Can you share your revit file?

I have such problems with some floor and room elements from time to time (when trying to get their “.Geometry” or “.Faces”). Sometimes I get “null”, othertimes “Empty list”. Some people say, that the problem is with particular geometry instance and it’s configuration (for instance, read this post). May be you should try to change the sketch of these elements a little bit to solve the problem.

I can’t upload the revit file. I got a message saying that “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” I will try to change the geometry of my adaptive components. I will update you later. Thank you!

I changed the geometry of adaptive components but still not working, same results, empty list. However, since the goal is to produce a surface by lofting the perimeter of the floor region, i tried to use elements.curve instead of elements.faces. And it works! (I guess).