RevitFace.FromDynamoSurface Empty List Problem


Hello everyone,
I am new to Dynamo and Revit. I am trying to model a parametric building. I started from point and by translating it, first created lines and then the surfaces. Now I am working on creating walls on the surfaces I created. I tried RevitFace.FromDynamoSurface and RevitFaceReference.FromDynamoSurface by Clockwork. Both of them give empty list.

Any recommendations what to do?

Thank you.


Hi @sedat8312, this post here should help to understand why you are getting an empty list from the RevitFace.FromDynamoSurface node:


Dear @awilliams,

Thank you very much for your response. I tried to follow the steps you mentioned. But I think I did something wrong. I again got an empty list from RevitFace.FromDynamoSurface.


@sedat8312 What happens with your script if you plug the output of ImportInstance.ByGeometry into a Topology.Faces node, and input that into your Flatten node (replacing the Select Face and List.Create portion of your current workflow) ?


That works!!! Thank you. I have the list of planar faces and hermite faces. When I plug them into WallByFace, output is empty list and a warning:
Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of __func_f504c58137f94b3482c986b9675a0541 that takes arguments of type (__array,__array,__array)


Hmm, I am not at a computer with Dynamo/Revit at this time, but maybe these threads will help in some way:

Edit: have you tried changing lacing on the Wall.ByFace node to longest, or using the OOTB “Wall.ByFace” node and played with the lacing?


First of all, please use the OOTB node instead . You are obviously working with an older version of Clockwork and the next time you upgrade the package the Wall.ByFace node will be gone. You should be able to feed Dynamo faces of Revit masses directly into the OOTB node.


I want to ask @awilliams @Andreas_Dieckmann if could you please explain what is OOTB “Wall.ByFace” node and how can I use it. I made a search but could not figure out.

@awilliams I tried Lacing on the Wall.ByFace node longest, but it did not work.

Since I am using ImportInstance.ByGeometry output to feed the TopologyFaces, do I need to make any modifications based on the post you mentioned?


OOTB = out of the box (there is a Wall.ByFace node in the default Dynamo Library in the Revit category).
And you’ll need a Revit mass, I don’t think an ImportInstance will work.
Haven’t used/needed this functionality for a long time, so not entirely sure.


Dear @Andreas_Dieckmann, thank you for your response. I have upgraded Dynamo and got the built-in Wall.ByFace node.

For generating the walls I used Wall.ByCurveAndHeight node.

I am posting my screenshots in case someone may need to use in the future.