Element.Solids gives Empty List

Hello fellow Dynamo users,

I have this issue, where Element.Solids creates Empty List for some of Revit Elements. And that doesn’t allow me to Solid.ByUnion, because it can’t Union an empty collection of solids. So I assume there is an issue with Revit element.
How could I overcome this issue? How could I check what is wrong with that element?
I was thinking of some way to exclude all those empty lists and continue work without them. What would be the easiest worflow to do that?


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An IsNull node and a List.FilterByBoolMask node. You can also use a List.Contains node with level 2 as the target. Or an if statement.

Hi @tomas.miskinis @JacobSmall

The easiest way is to use List.Clean node so that it will not effect your list structure :wink:


Thank you @JacobSmall and @Kulkul for your inputs, it was very helpful!
@Kulkul , List.Clean is a go in this case, thanks!

@tomas.miskinis Please mark the post. You’re welcome!

Hi there Guys,

I am having the very same problem while creating solids of spaces then using Element.Geometry.

Did anyone find the solution to why this is happening to certain Elements?

List clean works well to remove the problem spaces from the list but this is a work around and doesn’t fix the problem spaces.

Thanks in Advance for your help.


PS Apologies for hijacking I thought this was relevant to the thread

This is my script

Objects with a location can have no geometry - that is an unbound room. Filter out rooms where the area isn’t greater than 0 as a start.

After that, I’d need the room geometry to be much help.

Thanks Jacob for your help. :smiley::+1:
Sounds like this is my issue.