"elements in view(s)"


I am in a pinch. Anyone knows of a similar node to “elements in view(s)” ? Dinamo is telling me that this is an obsolete nodeeee ;’(


is it “Springs.Collector.ElementsInView”, “Select.ByCategoryAndView” or “All Elements In Active View” you are refering to?


I can’t believe I misspelled Dynamo… Anyways, the node I’m referring to grabs all elements [all categories] in view(s)

Here are some other similar nodes.

it looks like a custon node, but from which package? right click on it and read the help…

@erfajo the package is actually called “elements in view(s)” by Marc Tavenier but it seems like the python code does not work with R2016.

@Kulkul I couldn’t find the node from springs that you show… I have Spring Nodes 121.0.1 :confused: HOWEVER, the node from Bakery worked perfectly!!!

thanks, guys!!!

I will suggest you take one of those that works :slight_smile:
I have also Springs 121.0.1, meaning your springs node looks like my screendump :wink:

@chris.robledo @erfajo I have multiple version nodes for the same package (Springs). So that i can use when needed :wink:

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@Kulkul, Be careful not to get dizzy with all those versions :slight_smile:

@chris.robledo Now could you please mark the post as solved.