Get all views Node

Hi guys,
where can i find the node get all views?
i saw some post with this node but i cant find it in my library.
there is a package called archi-lab package but i cant find it


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You can find it in Custom Package called archi-lab. You need to install from online package search in Dynamo.

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also, make sure you are on Dynamo 1.0.0. Konrad’s packages are all updated to 1.0.0 now.

Thank you

If other people are looking for this, I found it in the J-nodes package, which also includes the archi-lab package.

It’s actually been changed now.


Oh, thanks, that’s much easier

so basically someone took my package and put it inside theirs? Mhmmmm…that is interesting.


Wasn’t me, but you can check on it yourself. I only came to find it
because I follow your blog and dynamo stuff and through that came to find
this other package.

I just want to extract all keynotes (as csi numbers) which have already assigned to every objects in the project.

in order to check the csi codes if they were assigned correctly so if some of the csi codes were assigned wrongly

ı would like to correct them in the excel sheet and import back to revit.

so any help would be valuable for me…

is that any sample for that

Thank you so much !

Konrad, why Get All Views it’s availible anymore?

Because better nodes are available in archi-lab now.


Here’s basic code I use for all views. Not as fast as C#, but easy to edit down to a small subset of things you might need.
We just don’t have the IT staff needed of individual rights to deal with nodes, so it all has to run on default OTB nodes or python. You can turn this into a dyf if needed. (Even gets the project browser…)GetAllViewsEverywhere.dyn (30.3 KB)