Renumber views in Revit - can't find the springs.element node

I came across this thread and this article . That uses a Springs.Element node.

But when trying to “plagiarize” the code I can’t even find that node. On the picture it looks like it is one of the custom nodes.

Is there a different way to accomplish the same, or a way to find the nodes required? Or would someone be able to post the dyn file?

Hi @enkus,
Looks like it has been renamed.

Thanks. I realized I have to install the “spring nodes” package and I found the “SelectElementsInOrder” node. Will try to re-create. I’m sure I will come back with another noob question :slight_smile:

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I’m in need to find more of the nodes. the article also refers to a “clockwork” package. I only could find one for dynamo 2.0. I found about half the nodes. what I’m still missing is:

  • Get built In Parameter
  • Set Built in Parameter
  • Passthrough
  • Springs.Number.ToString (I found a node called Number.toString, but that has 2 inputs, and not one)

Seems like I’m too stupid to copy someone else’s work :slight_smile:

Viewnumbers.dyn (22.2 KB)