Dynamo Created Sheets Disappearing after Second Run


I have problem with sheets created by using script. The script create sheets with 3 views of selected wall. Everything works but when the script is rerun created sheet disaaper (view section stay but disappear from sheets). I know that there are some similar topic but they don’t work or I don’t understand them. I read abut refresh nodes but I don’t know how to use it.

I will be gratefull for your help.

do you get any errors in Dynamo, with the nodes? Can you post the whole DYN? It will be easier for people to help you.

what version of Dynamo? what version of Revit?

This is element binding at work. Clear the bindings per this thread and leverage Dynamo player to prevent the behavior if it’s undesired going forward.

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Thank you. I read your all post about binding. I cleared it. Now it works properly :slight_smile: