Element.setparameterbyname to revise Structural beam Y & Z justifcation in Dynamo script

Hello Dynamo Community.

I have multiple Structural beams to modify Geometery position of "y justification & "z justification by using dynamo. I created work flows using Element.setparameterbyname nodes (see below work flow image) & for value I unable to solve it… Is there any options to control Center,Top & Bottom justification using dynamo. Please help me.

A couple things:

  • Hovering over a node input will usually tell you the ObjectType it’s looking for. The element input is looking for an Element, not an ElementId.
  • Parameter names are case sensitive. Be sure you’re typing out the correct name.
  • You codeblock is creating a variable - that’s why it has an input. To create a string in a codeblock you need to use “”.

The other thing you’re going to run into is that the parameter values for structural framing justifications are not a string (so fixing your codeblock won’t help in this case.) I believe they are Integers. Most internal parameters selected with a dropdown either use ElementIds or a selector Integer. The best way to figure out what value you need for a dropdown parameter is to GetParameterValueByName from an existing element with the value you want. Then you know exactly what input Revit is looking for.

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Thank you for the suggestions & ideas.

The Structural framing justifications are string like Center, Top & Bottom (see below image). Is possible to change beam Geometry justification (at value input) from “Center” to “top” to create in string code block in dynamo. Please give me workflows.


Give value as 1 …it will change…

They are not string values. They show as a string in the UI. Try the suggestion I already gave you.

Thank you very much Vijay :clap:; Got solved.

Thanks Nick . got solved.