Dynamo Element.SetParameterbyName Issue

Hi I am trying to understand why the Element.SetParameterByName wont work for me and how I work around it. I am not an expert at programing but know enough to screw things up.

In the screeenshot included here, I can’t figure out how to utilize UnitUtils.IsMeasurableSpec(ForgeTypeID) Any help would be appreciated.

What am I trying to accomplish? I am trying to set a shared Parameter value for each Area in an Area plan, which assists in calculating occupany loads.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is the whole dynamo space. I am having the same issue with two separate groups in the file. This is what is causing the warnings(errors)


Element.SetParameterByName needs name of parameter of that element in string format. Ensure you are using correct name and data type of values.


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Hi Atharvapurohit, Thank you for the response. I changed the parameterName input to a string block, but it still gives the same error. I can’t find what it’s referencing as the error.

I am wondering if it is the integer coming from the Math.Ceiling block, which provides the number to replace in the LifeSafetyOccupantLoad parameter for each Area element in the revit file.


This is actually a Revit API change and Dynamo needs to be updated to fix this. I believe there have been quite a few similar threads that @solamour has responded on too.

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This has now been resolved internally and will make it both into Revit 2023.1 and be hotfixed back to Revit 2023.


Thank you for the response. Do you know when the new release is coming out or a hotfix?

Hi @jmatthi - Unfortunately the one thing we cannot disclose is dates here at Autodesk :frowning: So I’m afraid not. The hotfix, by its very nature, will be out as soon as it’s ready. So sooner on that one than Revit 2023.1

Thank you. Sorry to ask about sensitive information. I will be on the lookout for the hotfix

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No worries at all! :smiley: You can ask anything and everything you like. I’m more than happy to help out as much as I can, but am simply limited in a small range of things.

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Have a look at the solutions here.

It seems the hotfix has dropped today everyone!