Element.SetParameterByName node through Python script


I am still new to Dynamo and I am trying to manipulate the parameters of a group of families in Revit. The problem is that the Element.SetParameterByName node don’t accept arrays. The only possibility is to loop through the group items and manipulate their parameters through Python. I have tried to import the node form the Revit.Elements namespace but I haven’t succeeded so far can anyone show me please how that can e don in the Python node in Dynamo ?.

If you must use python, you can try the following:


Tho the standard node should be quite capable of handling most combinations of parameters and values with the right kind of lacing:


If you have something really special, you could try using one of the list combination nodes. There are a few examples on the forum for those.

For predictable results you can feed 1:1:1, element:parameterName:Value to get it to work. I have some nodes in Bakery package that help with this, basically by doing a List.Cycle to generate the required number of the same parameter name to write to a list of elements:


It Works finally…!! thanks for the tips…! I had the problem because of the way I was adding the Revit reference. Dimitar Venkov I appreciated the way you did the loop through the ZIP. Many Thanks …