Element.SetParameterByName Error Dynamo (Curved Section Line Revit)

I’m trying to create a curved section line in Revit but get an error at the ( Element.SetParameterByName )when running the script.

I’d appreciate your help.

Can you define what you are after a bit better? When I hear “curved section line” I think “a section view which follows an arc”, which is something which Revit cannot do.

Exactly Revit doesn’t create these types of sections.

Here is the youtube vid that has the script in the description.


This doesn’t show a curved section line, but a series of 15 linear section lines placed one next to the other. Hence the great many section cuts shown at about the 1:20 mark of the video.

Note that these sections are VERY inaccurate due to foreshortening, and typically cause more issues then they are worth.