Element.Room node (Rhythm) package - null values



Tell me if I’m wrong, but this could be a workaround:


That should do it. That was another one of my thoughts was using intersections. The nice thing with Element.Room is it’s an API method that doesn’t use geometry or bounding.


It’s true, but I understood that rooms didn’t have any phase option and I found it a bit complicated. Bounding Boxes seem to be a great tool to solve problems away from Revit constraints…


This is very well put. :slight_smile:


@Thomas_Mahon Thanks Thomas, I thought about this already, and I ran a check to make sure that the windows are correctly coming “from” their correct rooms.
@Yna_Db. I like this workaround, thank you, however the risk in my case is that whenever I create a Boundingbox , the intersection is not only with their rooms, but also with other windows (screenshot attached - windows in blue), I think it would be great if we can scale these BoundingBoxes to be exactly the same size as the original windows’ & rooms’ volumes.


Couldn’t you reduce the windows bounding boxes (with Springs.BoundingBox.Scale for instance) to a minimum volume just to check the intersection with the rooms bounding boxes?


I didn’t know about this package before, thank you @Yna_Db
I started to build another script using this method, and gonna continue next monday


Hi guys!
I had the chance to finish this script.

I found that my best (and accurate) solution was to use Rooms Boundrais to create dynamo extrusions, then increase their thickness, and then Element.BoundingBox for the windows/curtain panels, then using GeometryDoesItersect I could have a mask to use it later to have curtain panels/windows grouped by rooms.

Also I found that the node “Get surrounding elements” was using the BoundingBox method. that’s why it was not giving me accurate results especially that I have a lot of irregular room outlines.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Door Name same as Room Name
'Get surrounding elements' node detects more elements than necessary

Hi @Ahmad_Saad, can you share your script?


Sure, here is the graph: