How to detect in how many rooms is an element located?


Is there any way to detect if an element is in two rooms?


If I use Element.Room, I get the room where Room Calculation Point is placed, so I tried with Tool.GetSurroundingElements but it returns an Empty List (regardless of the value of tolerance) <br class=“Apple-interchange-newline” /> capture_group

Any idea to solve it?



Hi Sergio,

Try with Custom node from Arch-Lab Package.


In the definition posted below, if the value in the last node is greater than 1 then the corresponding furniture is part of another room too


Thanks Kulkul and Vikram! The first solution works perfectly for me. I can’t test the second one because there are a lot of elements in my project and the calculation time is too high.

I have the following problem. As Kulkul indicated, in the node “Elements in Room” I enter as input:

  • Furniture

  • Rooms

If I check the Rooms category I get an output of 181 elements The output of “Elements in Room” is a list of 11 elements. I would like to know to which room each of these 11 elements belong



Hi Sergio


I have good succes by using RoomFromElements from BlackBox. The node will give you the room ID from where the element is placed.

Hope the comment will give you inspiration and help you to document your project.

Best regards Palle


Hi Palle,

thanks for your answer but finally I resolved the problem by another way :wink:

I have to analyze the elements intersections with only 3 kind of rooms, so I made the comparision “by hand”

I’m aware that it’s not an optimal solution but it’s works for now. I will work to optimize the code.