Door.Rooms not working

Hello community,

i had already posted a graph that was working well untill now. For some reason i started a new project and it doesnt work anymore - does anyone knows why?

I am using the node Door.Rooms from Clockwork. Every time i connect fromRoom to Element.GetParameterValueByName it works perfectly well. When i connect toRoom it doesnt work at all though… Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks!

can you show the output for all nodes ?


i think your problem with parameter name … have you checked if “Room Number” or “Level1” does exist on the rooms ? or the same spelling ?

doesnt work anyway unfortunately…

What do the error messages say?

It says: “Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer” :woman_shrugging:t4:

That’s not a nice one. Can you drop the files here? But I don’t guarantee anything :wink:

have you checked for unplaced rooms, or not enclosed ones?

yes thats not the problem… thanks!

The problem is that 2 doors are opening outwards, where there are no rooms, so the first 2 elements are empty.

Moreover these 2 doors have empty value for “AH-Türnummerzusatz”.

You can filter out these doors at the beginning of the graph, or maybe put a fake room outdoor

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This should work:

but of course you need to work manually on the exterior doors

TuernummerFixed.dyn (43.6 KB)


sweet! where do i find list.equals?

If are using Dynamo 2.x it’s in List > Inspect
If you use Dynamo 1.3 should be in Builtin > Action > Equals

There are also other ways to achieve the same result :wink:

perfect, thank you very much!

in the context, I stumbled across another mistake. I got null values for some doors. But the doors were in the building. The mistake was that the room calculation point was below the floor because the doors were installed too deep. So the room calculation point did not touch a room.
So I moved the calculation point up in the door families.

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We had the same problem, but why should a door be built inside the floor anyway? Changing the room calculation point solves the dynamo problem but doesn’t correct the clash (door x floor). We decided instead to create another graph and correct the position of all doors.